Setting up buy and burn tracking

Using Soul Buy Bot involves multiple different flows:

  • Setting up buy and burn tracking

  • Adjusting settings

  • Trending Purchase

  • Marketing Purchase

  • Group trading

  • Manual burning

Buy and Burn Tracking

First time Users:

  1. /start and accept the terms

  2. Click the add as admin

Select your group

Add the bot as admin

Enter /add in the group

Enter your CA

You're all set !

Soul Buy Bot will start to automatically post any buys and any burns directly to your telegram !

Returning Users:

For users returning to Soul Buy Bot they can add the bot to a new group through various ways

Through DM

  1. DM Soul Buy Bot /add

  2. Click the add button

  3. Follow the normal flow


  1. Search Soul Buy Bot

  1. Click the profile of the bot

Click Add to Group or Channel

Follow the normal flow

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