This page lists terms within Soul Sniper and their meaning

All Snipes - Displays all pending snipes set up by the user.

Confirm Trades - Toggles the necessity for user confirmation on trades.

Custom Amounts - Sets predefined amounts for trading, which can be quickly selected for transactions.

Custom RPC - Allows for the specification of a custom RPC server for potentially better transaction performance.

Custom snipe amounts - Sets specific amounts designated for sniping trades.

Export Private Key - Reveals the user's private key, crucial for wallet access and security (must be handled with utmost confidentiality).

Gas Fees - Lists the current transaction fees for the Solana network, varying from low to very high.

Hot Pairs - Indicates the most actively traded and trending asset pairs on the platform.

Instant Buy - Executes trades immediately without additional confirmations.

Live Trades - Shows the number of trades that are actively ongoing.

MEV Protection - Protects against the risk of miners manipulating transaction order for profit.

Networth - The total value of the user's assets within the bot, displayed in SOL and USD equivalent.

Fee (Priority Fee) - The additional fee set by the user to prioritize their transactions on the blockchain.

Refresh - Updates and reloads the current information on the screen.

Referral / Your reflink - The user's unique referral link for inviting others and earning commissions from their trading fees.

RUGGED - Label indicating an asset has been compromised by a scam, such as a rug pull.

Sell All - Command to sell the entirety of a specific asset.

Sell Initial - Sells the initial investment in an asset to recover the principal amount.

Settings / Sniper Default - Accesses configurations for trade settings or snipe settings such as slippage, fees, and other preferences.

Slippage - The degree of price movement the user is willing to tolerate from the time a trade is placed to when it is executed.

Sync Wallet - Synchronizes the bot with the user's Solana wallet for transactions.

Wallet Address - The unique identifier of the user's Solana wallet, necessary for transactions.

Wallet Balance (SOL) - Shows the available Solana balance in the user's wallet, including its USD value.

Withdraw / Withdraw All / Withdraw X - Different options to move funds from the trading platform to the user's wallet.

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